How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool for iPhone and iPad

Still looking for an easy and free method to bypass iCloud activation lock? Well, your search is over! Our free software can automatically unlock icloud locked account on any Apple device in just a few minutes. Not sure if our tool can provide you with a safe factory icloud removal service? No worries. This free software is designed to automatically use the factory settings of your Apple device for removing iCloud activation lock as securely as possible.

Introducing iCloud Unlocker, a cross platform tool that’s designed to quickly and safely bypass iCloud activation lock account in your Apple device! It really doesn’t matter you own an iPhone 5, 6, 7 or an iPad air, 3 or 4, our tool can handle any of them. Follow the simple steps below, and you’ll be on your way to instantly using iCloud in your Apple device again!

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with iCloud Unlocker

STEP 1. Download iCloud Unlocker from our secure servers to your desktop computer (works on Windows, Mac and Linux OS). This program can also run in tablets and mobile devices that are powered by these platforms.

STEP 2. Start iCloud Unlocker. You’ll be able to find this software in the location that you chose during the download process. Just run the downloaded file to start the program. If you want, you can scan this software to make sure it’s safe for your device. Unlike other iCloud activation lock removal tools in the market today, you can do this because you’ll be using it from an external Microsoft Windows PC, Mac OSX computer or tablet.

STEP 3. Use your USB cable to connect your Apple iPhone or iPad tablet to the device where iCloud Unlocker Tool is actively running. Make sure that it’s plugged in correctly. Wait for your device to properly detect your Apple iPhone or iPad before moving on to the next step below.

STEP 4. In iCloud Unlocker, select the model of your Apple iPhone or iPad tablet. You can easily choose the correct model from the list of options provided by this software. An automatic way of detecting the make and model of your device will be available soon in newer versions of this bypass icloud tool.

STEP 5. Find the IMEI of your Apple iPhone or iPad tablet. In most cases, you can go to “Settings”, then tap “General” and “About” to find the IMEI of your device. You can also find this printed somewhere near the SIM tray of your iPhone. In some cases, this can be found printed on the back of your device. But, one of the best method finding your Apple IMEI is to dial to *#06# (just like making a phone call) and you’ll see your IMEI on the screen.

Note: You can also use iTunes to find the IMEI of your iPhone or iPad tablet. Just simply connect your iPhone or iPad to your device where iTunes is installed. Then, open iTunes, locate your device, and go to the “Summary” tab. Next, click “Phone Number” if you want to find the IMEI of your iPhone. For an iPad, click “Serial Number”.

STEP 6. In iCloud Unlocker, enter the IMEI of your device. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. This software will then anonymously use this information for safely accessing the factory service settings of your Apple device. This is to ensure that iCloud Unlocker can safely and properly bypass iCloud activation lock in your device.

STEP 7. Now, all you need to do at this point is to sit back and relax while this free iCloud unlock tool automatically removes iCloud activation lock from your Apple device. After a few minutes, your old iCloud account will be completely deleted from your device.

STEP 8. To begin accessing iCloud in your device, you can either create a new iCloud account, or log into iCloud using your Apple ID and password. That’s it!

So, download iCloud Unlocker now to unlock iCloud activation lock in your Apple device instantly! To give you a more informed decision – Here’s what you’ll get from this iCloud unlock software that you won’t find anywhere else:

iCloud Unlocker vs. All Other iCloud Lock Removal Services

1. The iCloud Unlocker software is absolutely free. In contrast, you’re required to pay other iCloud activation lock removal tools before it can bypass iCloud activation. Others also charge premium rates for iCloud removal service. Even the Apple Store will charge a hefty service fee to unlock your old iCloud account from your device.

2. This software can safely remove iCloud activation lock from your Apple device. It uses the factory service and settings of your Apple device to remove any icloud accounts on your device . That’s one major reason why iCloud Unlocker is different from all other iCloud activation tools and services out there.

3. The iCloud Unlocker program can be used in a wide variety of devices, from Microsoft Windows PCs to Mac OSX computers and iOS tablets. Unlike other icloud bypass tools in the market today, this software provides better cross platform compatibility and accessibility for more users worldwide.

4. This software ensures your privacy and data security, unlike any other bypass icloud removal service out there. With iCloud Unlocker, nothing is installed in your Apple device, and no manual intervention from any third party is necessary.

5. The iCloud Unlocker program is free to use multiple times to bypass iCloud activation lock in one or more devices. This is unlike the trial versions of other tools in the market today, which require you to pay the next time you use these products to bypass iCloud activation lock in your Apple device. This is also different from all other iCloud removal tools out there that ask you to pay again when you want to use it to unlock a different device.

At this point, you can go right ahead – Save yourself from those headaches by downloading iCloud Unlocker right now! Share this with your family and friends, so they can also bypass iCloud activation lock in their Apple devices as quickly and safely as possible. Our iCloud unlock software is designed especially for everyone who has spent a considerable amount of time, energy and money in trying to remove iCloud activation lock from their Apple devices.

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